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Gardens and Painting

August 6th, 2017

There have been a lot of good art programmes on Sky Arts and BBC4 lately. So I'd thought I'd report on at least one of them. Sky Arts “Painting the modern garden Monet to Matisse” accompanied an exhibition at the Royal Academy, London, which doesn't seem to be on anymore.. The programme starts by pointing out that while painting gardens has been looked down upon in recent times in the early 20th Century by many artists used them for inspiration. The most obvious of these was Monet. In his garden he set different colour plants against one another and was looking for new colours in the garden, so it was always changing. He often put flowers with opposing colours together, the opposite of what was considered good in an english garden. Monet was influenced by scientific exploration as new plants were brought to the west from all over the world and transported to gardens. This is where Monets pink water lillies came from, previously they would have been white. There were many contributors to the programme such as the artist Lachlan Gaudi, and art from other painters including, James Tissot’s Chrysanthemums. I have to admit that while the complimentary colours are eye-catching I have always felt most comfortable with in the natural English landscape with it more subdued colours and I love the white garden at the National Trusts Hidcote although my own garden is more random.

More Awards. Thank you Nuneaton Festival of Arts.

March 12th, 2017

Feel like I'm on a roll. I entered some photos at a local arts festival and got 2 certificates. My photo "Never too Late" got the 1st certificate in still life. You can see the photo on my FAA pages. Another of my photos "I am the walrus" got 2nd in humour. It's not a photo of a walrus, it's my dog Arvy with his muzzle covered in sand. I wonder if the title helped it win? Anyway it's always worth a try to enter. Two years ago I had 4 paintings turned down at another exhibition, I found this very difficult as I'm not the most confident person, but I decided to get some feed back and then took some lessons and did some research and try to improve. The same exhibition is coming up again and I almost didn't enter it but I have. But now I know there are people who like and value my art and who commission me to paint people and pets who are important to them. If my work is not accepted I will feel crushed dor a little while and then I'll get up and get on with getting better.

Nuneaton Festival of Arts - Part II and digital processing

February 28th, 2017

Well I picked up a 2nd certificate at the Arts Festival for Leafy Horse. Two years ago I got a 1st with Rose of Regeneration. I wen to pick up my painting yesterday - well armed with bubble wrap, and submitted some photographs. i'd sorted through Lightroom looking at flagged photographs to submit and realised how many I've got that I've never got round to putting on my website. Lightroom is great for cataloguing and categorising your photographs and doing basic, dark room style adjustments. I've just set up my own vintage look preset because I find the ones in LR a bit harsh. Something I do sometimes is turn a photo black and white and make my lighting adjustments so that I am only looking at the tones, that way I'm not distracted by the colours, then I can turn the colour back on ready for further processing.

Nuneaton Festival of Art

January 29th, 2017

Some of my work is in the Nuneaton Festival of Art until 26th February, along with many other artists. Its always worth visiting Nuneaton Museum and Art Gallery, not only for the art but because they have an excellent tearoom with delicious cakes. I have 3 pieces in this time, all up for sale. Last time I entered in 2016 I won the fantasy art section with Rose of Regeneration.

Its always wise to give yourself plenty of time to prepare pieces before submission, get the right fittings and labels on, fill in the forms and wrap your work so it doesn't get damaged. I say this because I am a last minute person. This time I got to the doors 5 minutes before submissions closed and once after the doors were locked,

What to do on a Dull Day

January 19th, 2017

The other day it was dull and drizzly, not too good outside so I decided to do some Still Life photography! The opportunity was taking photographs of a red leaf floating on a white bowl. As this involved a loooong slooow shot I needed a tripod. First I tried my Manfrotto tripod, but his would not get my camera over draining board where I wanted to work because of the water, then I tried a my Joby Gorillapod SLR - too short. The answer was to wrap the gorillapod around the tap. this was really useful as I could move swivel the tap around to get different shots. There are three of the "Floating Red Leaf" shots on my pages, I particularly like number 3 but I think they make a nice group of 3 if put in a room together.

Sold One

November 16th, 2014

Hooray sold a photograph called Water Swirl. Can't help feeling elated. Its a picture of water swirling round mossy rocks. I met the lady who bought it but I was too disorientated to talk to her like a normal human being. Thats 2 things sold in 6 months. Both of my sales were to do with water and I'm an aquarius, not that I believe in horoscopes but it is an interesting coincidence.

Kenilworth Art Show

November 14th, 2014

After a seriously dippy effort I got my work into the Kenilworth Art show a day late. For some reason I got the dates wrong, I have learnt a lot about preparing browser pieces if nothing else. Now to prepare something crafty for next weeks Christmas fayre - no paintings allowed due to lack of wall space. Loud tweeter on its way.. hopefully.


May 13th, 2014


Hi My work has been accepted in the Coventry and Warwickshire Society of Artists Exhibition at Gallery 150, Regency Arcade, Leamington Spa. There 3 main pieces for sale - - Hectors Transformation (which can be viewed on here), Regeneration ( a rose with a difference) and Hippocampus Waves (Hippocampii in the sea). There are also a couple of smaller pieces - Jumping the Moon - which can be viewed here and Tea Thyme. Please come see the work of me and other artists in the area.

The Green Woodpecker

March 16th, 2014

When not filling in holes in the lounge floor I've been concentrating on refreshing my digital art skills this week and learning about Corel Painter X3, which I upgraded to before Christmas. Painter X3 seems much easier to use than Painter 11, more instinctive. The green woodpecker is the results of my efforts. I'm quite pleased with him. I have been working on another digital painting "In search of sleep" but its more complicated and not yet finished.

Here goes

March 1st, 2014

Welcome. This first time I have ever had a website or written a blog. I'm a bit nervous but you have to go for it sometimes. I've been hunting around half-heartedly thinking of having a website for a while. This seems like an easy way to start as the complexities of setting up a good one, finding a provider and a server seem a bit of an effort to me, and I am one of the most indecisive people you can find. What I can alter on here seems fairly limited but hopefully I'll be able to refine it a bit. Please let me know what you think of it and if you like my work, constructive criticism is appreciated - a few too many daffodils maybe!